A Love Letter from Geronimo

Within months of his exile, Geronimo began to communicate with his wives through interpreter George Wratten. Wratten apparently sold his private letters to the newspapers, or at least one. Dictated to Wratten, the following letter was published as “A Love Letter from Geronimo” in Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, April 9, 1887.

My Dear Wives, and My Son and Daughter,

Are you at Fort Marion? If so, how do you like it there? Have you plenty to eat, and do you sleep and drink well? I am very well satisfied here, but if I only had you with me again would be more so.

It seems to me the Great Father and God are very closely united. I do hope he will let us see one another soon. As sure as the trees bud and bloom in the Spring, so sure is my hope of seeing you again. Talking by paper is very good, but when you see one’s lips move, and hear their voice, it is much better.

I think of God, the President and you in the same light. I like you so well. When I get your letter I will think well over it. I hope you think the same of me as I do of you. I think you have influence with the sun, moon and stars.

Do what is right, no matter how you may suffer. Write to me soon a long letter.

Your husband,