Civil War Records, School Records, and other Choctaw Resources

In doing research on Choctaw genealogy, it is useful to combine standard genealogical research with information from federal records. The typical research of records in the county courthouse or state archives frequently leads to other information from the federal records.

Choctaw Rolls and Correspondence by Indian Agents

There have been numerous rolls generated as the result of claims cases, and censuses that were taken when the Mississippi Choctaw reservation was created in 1918, and at subsequent intervals since then.

Dawes Commission and Allotment

Despite the assurances of the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek, Choctaw lands in the Indian Territory were not safe from pre-emption by the U.S. Government. Negotiations between U.S. Agents and the Choctaw government in Indian Territory for allotment of Choctaw … Continue reading

Choctaw script, late arrivals, and net proceeds case

Another major set of records was created as the result of various commissions which were appointed by the U.S. government in response to land claims made by the Indians and frauds being practiced on the Choctaws in Mississippi by its … Continue reading

The Armstrong Roll and other Indian Removal Records

  The Choctaw people originally lived in the area that became the states of Mississippi and Alabama and gradually ceded their territories to the U. S. government. The last cession was made in 1830, following the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit … Continue reading

Hopi Agency US Indian Census Schedules 1924 – 1939

You can find Hopi US Census records for the years 1924-1939 here.

More resources for your Cherokee genealogy research

The Cherokee Nation doesn’t do genealogy or family history research for the public. However,there are many places that do. Many other locations for information on genealogical research may be found on the internet.

Russian Jewish Immigrants

Russian Jewish Immigrants Just as ethnic Russians and Poles were finding their way to American shores, one of the most dramatic chapters in world history was underway—the mass migration of Eastern European Jews to the United States.

German Immigrant timeline 1900 to Present

1910 – In this year, an estimated 2.3 million German-born immigrants lived in the United States. With declining immigration and increasing assimilation, the number of German-language publications fell to about 550.

German Immigrant timeline 1800-1899

1804 – A Protestant group from Wuerttemberg, named Rappists after their leader George Rapp, founded Harmony, Pennsylvania, a utopian community.

German Immigrant History in the US 1700-1799

In the 1700s, the settling of the British colonies by small German-speaking religious groups continued.

German Immigrants Timeline 1600 – 1699

1608 – Several Germans were among the settlers at Jamestown.

Range soundex, history and popularity

The Range surname is found under Soundex Code R520. Most Range immigrants were from Germany and settled first in Tennessee and later Illinois. There are also variations of the Range surname in France.

Colbert soundex, origin and popularity

The soundex code for the Colbert name is C416. The Colbert name  originates in England, Scotland, or France.

Smallwood Surname Soundex, Meaning, and Population Ranking in the US

The Soundex Code for the Smallwood surname is S543. SMALLWOOD ranks 1,811 out of 88,799 family surnames in the United States. The only other name that shares this soundex code is SMELTZER.

Hill Surname Soundex, Meaning, and Ranking

The Soundex Code for the Hill surname is H400. Hill is the 33rd most numerous surname in the United States. Hill is a surname of English origin, meaning (no surprise here) “a person who lived on a hill.” Here is a … Continue reading

Reienes Surname Soundex and Trivia

There are 12 people with the Reienes surname living in Norway in Rogaland county, and 8 in other parts of Norway. There are less than half a dozen Reienes individuals in the United States. There are many surnames spelled Reines, without the extra … Continue reading

Family histories say Northern Cherokee typically aren’t associated with Kansas.

In a just-released book on the Northern Cherokee Nation of the Old Louisiana Territory, a chapter recounts this American Indian tribe’s history in Kansas with stories from over 100 Cherokee families.