Reienes Surname Soundex and Trivia

There are 12 people with the Reienes surname living in Norway in Rogaland county, and 8 in other parts of Norway. There are less than half a dozen Reienes individuals in the United States. There are many surnames spelled Reines, without the extra “e” after the “i.”

Soundex Code

Soundex No. 570: Reienes, Reines, Raines, Rains, Ranes, Rans, Ranz, Raynes, Ramas, Ramases, Ranaighe, Reames, Reams, Reims, Remus, Reine, Reins, Reinsch, Rens, Renz, Renze, Reyns, Renes, Rennes, Renos, Rhinas, Rhines, Rinas, Rines, Ring, Rings, Rinis, Rinzes, Runamus, Rynes

Origin and Meaning of the Reienes surname

Originally, the Reienes surname entered New York through Ellis Island. Their original Norweigan name was very long, so they shortened it to Reienes, which was the first part of the original name. They later settled in what is now Alabama. Even later they migrated to South Dakota, then California and finally Washington state.

Early examples of the Reienes name

Anne Gurine Reienes – Born: 1829 in Kristiansand, Norway
Eliane Reienes – Born: 1833 in Rennesøy, Norway
Halmik?? Christi Reienes – Born: 1858 in Haugesund, Norway
Hans H. Reienes –  Born: 1822 in Rennesøy, Norway
Hans Jakob Reienes- Born: 1856 in Haugesund, Norway
Hans Jacob Hans. Reienes – Born: 1855 in Norway
Jacob Reienes – Born: Mar 26, 1886 Died: October 1964 Location: Iowa
Malline Reienes – Born: 1861 in Haugesund, Norway

Early Reienes Immigrants

Our family tradition says there were three Reienes brothers and an uncle who immigrated to the US from Norway. There is a ship passenger record documenting this. One of the brothers who immigrated to the US was murdered about a week after clearing Ellis Island, while they were still in New York City.

Reienes surname rank in the United States is not calculated.

The US Census Bureau has published a list of surnames occurring 100 times or more from the national census taken every ten years, beginning in 1990. The 2000 census found over 6 million surnames total, but the vast majority (about 65%) were held by just one person. While the entire list of 151,671 surnames that occurred at least 100 times covers about 90 percent of the US population, it accounts for only about 3 percent of surnames in use in the United States!

World wide, there are approximately 24 Reienes surnames, making it the 2,339,528 most common surname in the world.

There are 20 people named Reienes in Norway and 4 in the US, with Reienes ranked at 1,189,846 in popularity in the US, or 1 person in every 80,067,544 people in the US has the Reienes surname.

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Reienes Military Records

Two people with the Reienes surname served in World War II.

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