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Terre Haute,Vigo County,Indiana



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 HILD, Charles William  1877Terre Haute,Vigo County,Indiana I30451784 Hill Genealogy 
2 HILD, Helen   I30451785 Hill Genealogy 
3 HILD, Samuel G.  1917Terre Haute,Vigo County,Indiana I30451786 Hill Genealogy 
4 NIECE, Sandra Kay  30 Oct 1941Terre Haute,Vigo County,Indiana I30451704 Hill Genealogy 
5 PAYNE, Artie   I30451388 Hill Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ADAMS, Ruth  12 Apr 1971Terre Haute,Vigo County,Indiana I30451585 Hill Genealogy 
2 BOSTICK, Arthur  14 Oct 1987Terre Haute,Vigo County,Indiana I30451606 Hill Genealogy 
3 CLINGERMAN, Roscoe  7 Mar 1986Terre Haute,Vigo County,Indiana I30451869 Hill Genealogy 
4 CRESS, Rachel  28 Nov 1955Terre Haute,Vigo County,Indiana I30451596 Hill Genealogy 
5 EVANS, Rachel A.  6 Jul 1944Terre Haute,Vigo County,Indiana I30451591 Hill Genealogy 
6 GREGORY, William  Apr 1975Terre Haute,Vigo County,Indiana I30451623 Hill Genealogy 
7 HERB, Pearl  15 Jan 1998Terre Haute,Vigo county,Indiana I30451692 Hill Genealogy 
8 NIECE, Herman  Jun 1986Terre Haute,Vigo county,Indiana I30451619 Hill Genealogy 
9 NIECE, Paul Myron  30 Oct 1981Terre Haute,Vigo County,Indiana I30451622 Hill Genealogy 
10 PAYNE, Samule Arnold  8 Jul 1974Terre Haute,Vigo County,Indiana I30451378 Hill Genealogy 
11 PETTY, Edna  2 Feb 1990Terre Haute,Vigo County,Indiana I30451669 Hill Genealogy 
12 RANDOLPH, Alice Ruby  10 Mar 1995Terre Haute,Vigo County,Indiana I30451661 Hill Genealogy 
13 RUKES, Edna P.  1 Sep 1979Terre Haute,Vigo County,Indiana I30451574 Hill Genealogy 
14 RUKES, Fannie  14 May 1967Terre Haute,Vigo County,Indiana I30451518 Hill Genealogy 
15 RUKES, Gladys Hazel  24 Aug 1980Terre Haute,Vigo county,Indiana I30451391 Hill Genealogy 
16 RUKES, Harrison Nornam  12 May 1979Terre Haute,Vigo County,Indiana I30451597 Hill Genealogy 
17 RUKES, John Frnak  3 Nov 1941Terre Haute,Vigo County,Indiana I30451528 Hill Genealogy 
18 RUKES, Max William  1 Mar 1927Terre Haute,Vigo County,Indiana I30451593 Hill Genealogy 
19 RUKES, Ova B.  22 Jun 1986Terre Haute,Vigo County,Indiana I30451658 Hill Genealogy 
20 RUKES, Ruth Jane  1921 June 7Terre Haute,Vigo county,Indiana I30451382 Hill Genealogy 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 NIECE / HOKE   F14613114 Hill Genealogy