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Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 //  WFT Est. 1777-1800N. CAROLINA I504668695 Hill Genealogy 
2 //  WFT Est. 1777-1800N. CAROLINA I05783 Hill Genealogy 
3 BURCH, George (Rev)  WFT Est. 1750-1779N. CAROLINA I504674229 Hill Genealogy 
4 BURCH, George (Rev)  WFT Est. 1750-1779N. CAROLINA I05533 Hill Genealogy 
5 SHELTON, Enoch  1 Jun 1819N. CAROLINA I504668440 Hill Genealogy 
6 SHELTON, Enoch  1 Jun 1819N. CAROLINA I504674224 Hill Genealogy 
7 SHELTON, Enoch  1 Jun 1819N. CAROLINA I05528 Hill Genealogy 
8 SHELTON, Joseph  WFT Est. 1768-1797N. CAROLINA I504668694 Hill Genealogy 
9 SHELTON, Joseph  WFT Est. 1768-1797N. CAROLINA I05782 Hill Genealogy 
10 STEWART, John C. I  29 Mar 1781N. CAROLINA I504686209 Hill Genealogy 
11 STEWART, John C. I  29 Mar 1781N. CAROLINA I504692375 Hill Genealogy