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Benjamin INGRAHAM, Rev.

Male 1735 - AFT. 1794  (> 60 years)

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  • Name Benjamin INGRAHAM, Rev. 
    Suffix Rev. 
    Born 1735  Brunswick Co., VA Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Died AFT. 1794  Brunswick Co., VA Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • BENJAMIN INGRAM, son of John Ingram and Frances Collier, was born Bef. 1734, and died 1794 in Brunswick County , Virginia. He married ELIZABETH NELMS December 27, 1756 in Northhampton Co., Virginia, daughter of WILLIAM NELMS and ELIZABETH.

      Children of BENJAMIN INGRAM and ELIZABETH NELMS are:
      1. NANCY INGRAM, b. September 27, 1757.
      2. MARY ANN INGRAM, b. December 3, 1759.
      3. ELIZABETH INGRAM, b. April 22, 1763; d. 1818.
      4. CHARLES INGRAM, b. September 22, 1765.
      5. BENJAMIN INGRAM, JR., b. August 6, 1767.
      6. PAULINE INGRAM, b. April 22, 1769.
      7. JOHN INGRAM, b. September 22, 1773.

      His will is dated Jan. 28, 1794. May have married in Northumberland Co., VA.

      The following is from W.B. Dyers book "Dyer Family History, England to American 1600-1980".


      James Marion Dyer married Eliza Louisa Ingram in Union county Georgia. Eliza's father was John Little Ingram, who father was John Ingram and mother was Ruth White from Union district South Carolina. John and Ruth were born about 1757 and lived in Union district SC John was in the Revolutionary war and awas at the fall of Charleston. He served under Col. Putnam, in Brandons regiment of SC. John and Ruth moved to Georgia after 1800 to Franklin county GA. then to Hall county after Hall was established in 1818. They lived near waht is not Lula, Georgia later moving to what is not Lumpkin county. John died in 1828, Ruth his wife died about 1846 in Cherokee county Georgia. They had several chidren, not know just how many as some evidently married before they left South Carolina.

      JOHN LITTLE INGRAM, their son was born 1788 in SC was the father of Eliza who married James Dyer. He was alway called Little as the family had connections in the past of marrying into the Little family. (Three were Little familes in Cornelia Georgia). Also the Ingram family was connected with the Till (Tighlman) familes by naming boys TIllman. Little married Mary Cagle first possibly the Cagles in Hall county as there wer many Cagles living around Lula, GA. Little born 1788 SC died 1866 in Union co. Little and Mary had nine children, Eliza being the eight in the family when the mother Mary died. Little married second Cynthia Kittle daughter of JeremiahKittle of Union county, they had ten children. She died and Little marriedagain to Catherine Cameron of Franklin county, they had three children. Making 22 children in all. (They said one died in infancy that would make 23). Raising 23 children to adulthood was quit a feat in those days of no doctors and only home remedies to treat the sick.

      Little lived on the Chattahoochee river in Hall county, later on Squirrell Creek in now Lumpkin county. He moved to Union county, before 1840 to what is now Suches, GA. which is isolated by mountains fom the rest of the county as well as from the rest of the world. It was on the headwaters of the Toccoa River running into now Fannin county to the Tennessee River.

      Little Ingram was a devout Baptist and the only church newar was Choestoe Baptist Church on Choestoe District across the mountain. Little was mentioned in the minutes of the Choestoe Baptist Church as early as 1840's so they were coming to Choestoe to church. Here is where the girls of Little met and married Choestoe boys. Eliza married James Dyer, Sarah married Thompson Collins, Jr. , Elizabeth married Alfred West, Nancy married Ethan England, Malinda married Andrew Townsend. Little having several girls and few boys.

      Little joined the army in the War of 1812 wth England at Nashville, Tennessee for a period of 6 months. After that he joined again at Franklin county and was at the battle of Horshoe Bend, Alabama against Indians with General Jackson. He received land grans in Missouri for this service, which he sold.

      ISAAC INGRAM the second child of Little maarried Sarah Haines and had a large family. One daughter Dolly Ingram married a Thomasson and they had a daughter LUNA THOMASSON who married a HOLCOMB from Texas. They lived near Shreveport Louisana, and were sawmilling in the country, they bought land and sometime in the 1920's oil was found on the land and they became millionaires.

      LUNA THOMASSON HOLCOMB became interested in her family ancestors, evidently to join the Daughters of the American Revolution. From about 1930-1940 Luna spent thousands of dolars in research for the Ingram familes, traveled over much of Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, wrote hundreds of letters to court houses, genealogists andany one she could in search for her family.

      She seemed to not spare in money or time to search all the known sources of Ingram familes from England, Scotland to America, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and on west to Texas wher some had gone. She also recorded all know connecting family names, such as Cagle, Kettles, Haines, Thomasson, Thomason and THomas, White, Tillman, Little, HOlcomb, (her husband) and many others who she had connection with.

      LUNA THOMASSON HOLCOMB died early 1940 in Shreveport, La. leaving one sho whoin an old bachelor worth millions. Mr. Chesser of ROm, a descendant of Rebcca, the oldest hild of Little Ingram found that this son had all her collection of material and contacted him. He sait "That he was not interested in it": that he had more important things to do" and gave the entire collection which was two trunkfulls to Mr. Chesser. Together we sorted material acording to family names and have most of it in some order. (Mr. Chesser died in August of 1980) Now I ahve the responsibility of compiling this material. It is in the hands of his dauther Mrs. James Garner of Rome at present) (1980).

      Herewith I am giving some family history of the Ingram family of which my great-grandmother Eliza Ingram Dyer was a member. Mr. Chesser became a member of the Sons of the American Revolution, on this line. Also LUNA THOMASSON HOLCOMB became a member of the D.A.R. as well as several of Tillman Ingram, Little's son who lived in Texas were member of the S.A.R.

      Watson B. Dyer

      In all her research Mrs. Luna Thomason Holcomb of Shreveport, Louisiana never did really find who the father of John Ingram of Union District, SC or any of his brothers or sisters were. There were two or more John Ingrams in South Carolina, one from Ireland and one from Brunswick County, Virginia. Her interpretation of John's ancestor was:

      William Ingram and Mary of Brunswick county, Virginia who came to settle on the Wateree River in 1751, he had 3 sons Alexander, James and John. William had a land grant on the Wateree River of 200 acres surveyed by William Bull Esq, in 1752. He seems to be the firt Ingram to come to South Carolina.

      She states: Alexander born 1730? died 1797 SC had sons John of Kershaw District, Squre James and Captain William.

      James Ingram had sons Benjamin and James. ??
      John Ingram had sons Hezekiah, JOHN and Arthur. JOHN being the JOHN who married Ruth White of Union county, NC. She did not ever have documentary proof of this. Somewhere back in the family they had probably a grandmother who was a Tillman as there were several boys namesd Tillman in the family. There were Tillman families living in SC also.

      Brunswick county Virginia, March 3, 1762. Will of John Ingram. Wife Hannah. Children: James, George, Joshua, Jessee, Richard, Benjamin, Joseph, John (Dec) Elizabeth Vaughon, Tabithia Gee. Evidently a son of William.

      Benjamin Ingram Will Jan 28, 1794, SC., Charles, Benjamin, William, Pressley, John, Mary Ann Tucker, who married Thomas Ingram and moved to Franklin county Georgia. Thomas died and Mary Ann married Sterling Tuker, he died and she moved back to Brunswick county, Virginia to be near her folks.

      South Carolina Benjamin Ingram having been in active duty with Roebucks Regiment before and afer the fall of Charleston made application for pay, August 29, 1786 for 474 pounds currency - 67 pounds sterling

      Union county South Carolina, September 16, 1799, John and Ruth Ingram covey to James Haddock land in Union County (This could be just before they left for Georgia)

      September 28, 1787 John Little, one part and John Ingram other part of 14 pound for 75 acres land on boundries of Sugar cree, granted to John Little by Gov. Wm. Moultrie Esq. February 5, 1787. S. John Little

      April 3, 1786, Archie Howard for 750 pound 640 acres on waters of Sugar Creek. Granted to Howard by Gov. Wm. Moultrie.

      April 27, 1797 tract of land to John Ingram 140 acres on Sugar creek Union County SC by Archer Howard, granted to him by Gov. Wm. Moultrie. 6 miles NW of county of Union near Fairforest (where John and Ruth were married).

      Padgetts creek cemetery. Robert White died Nov. 21, 1848, age 100 years. 9 ½ mo (Brother of Ruth White Ingram?)
      Members of the church 1784, Robert, Milly, Moses White and wfe Poly, and William White (relative of Ruth White Ingram?)

      JOHN INGRAM to Nath Rogers 100 acres for 10 pounds part of 640 arecres from Archer Howard, April 3, 1786.

      Possibly the relation of Ruth White family was the Little family. Boys in the Ingram family were name Martin, TIllman, Little and we find these families in dded records etc in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina and also in Georgia. There were many Ingram familes in North carolina too. Thye were evidently also related to the Ingrams of South carolinaas we find in the census of Cherokee county georgia, Ingrams from North carolina.

      Our real connection in the Ingram family begins with JOHN INGRAM and RUTH WHITE, who married in Union county, South Carolina in 1778. Nothing beyod that has realy been documented.

      Taken from "Dyer Family History, England to America, 1600-1980" by Watson B. Dyer . Page 385-389
      posted by Linda LeBlanc on Genforum 1/14/00, email: [email protected]

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