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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Artie PAYNE

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Walter A. PAYNE was born 1889, Symmes County,Edgar,Illinois (son of John Boon PAYNE and Martha E. ASTON).

    Walter married Ruth Jane RUKES 15 Mar 1912, Vigo County,Indiana. Ruth (daughter of Charles Edward RUKES and Georgania CARITHERS) was born 1893, Fontainet,Vigo County,Indiana; died 1921 June 7, Terre Haute,Vigo county,Indiana. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Ruth Jane RUKES was born 1893, Fontainet,Vigo County,Indiana (daughter of Charles Edward RUKES and Georgania CARITHERS); died 1921 June 7, Terre Haute,Vigo county,Indiana.


    Nancy also found her's today also 28 Feb 1999.

    !Mrs. Ruth J. Payne
    Mrs. Ruth J. Payne, 28 years old, died at 10 o'clock last night at her home, 220 North Eleven street. She is survived by her husband, Walter Payne; three sons, one daughter, the parents, Mr and Mrs. Charles Rukes; three brothers and one sister. Terre Haute Triburn, Tuesday, June 7, 1921

    How she died was she pg. with uncle Artie at the time and grandpa Walter game home drunk and beat her really bad she went into labor. And bleed to death from the beating. This was to me from her sister Aunt Gladys.

    1. Samule Arnold PAYNE was born 2 Jun 1915, Symmes County,Edgar,Illinois; died 8 Jul 1974, Terre Haute,Vigo County,Indiana; was buried 9 Jul 1974.
    2. John C. PAYNE
    3. Martha A. PAYNE was born 9 Aug 1919, Indiana; died Detroit,Wayne County,Mich.
    4. 1. Artie PAYNE

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  John Boon PAYNE was born Feb 1850, Indiana (son of Joseph PAYNE and Martha Jane THOMAS).


    Found John Boon today in the 1860 and also in the 1850 census. He was born in Monroe County, Washington Twonship. Film # 0446888 in the soundex. My search for him is over Feb 26, 1999.

    John married Martha E. ASTON 10 Mar 1874, Monroe County,Indiana. Martha (daughter of Westwood A. ASTON and Nancy BRANAM) was born Jun 1855, Indiana. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Martha E. ASTON was born Jun 1855, Indiana (daughter of Westwood A. ASTON and Nancy BRANAM).


    ! I got this card Sept 11, 1999. From Don Matson
    Dear Mrs. Barker,
    Saw your Payne query in "Family Tree Leaves" in bloomington, In. newspaper. I have done some research on the local Paynes and I have Joseph Payn b. ca. 1810 prob. in Rowan Co., N.C. son of Isaac Payne and Jane Ragens who were married Aug 21, 1806 in Rowan., N.C. Joseph marr. 8/10 or 161846 Monroe Co., In. to Martha Jan Thomas b. ca. 1814/17 Va. d. after 1880. joseph d. ca. 1866 and left a small probate record. If they are buried here in Monroe Co., In. there are no tombstones. Their son John b. b. ca. 1850, still living on 1880 cnesus in Mon. Co., but not here on 1900 census. He marr. 3/10/1874 Mon. Co., to Marth E. Astin b. ca. 1854 dua. of Nancy----Astin age 41 in 1860. Back track, Nancy was a Branam marr. to Westwood A. Aston 12/12/1850 Mon. Co., In. Westwood son of a Mary Aston age46 on 1850 census. If John B. and Wife Martha E. buried in Monroe Co., there are no tobstones. Do you have anything further you can add to this, so we can have a record of it here in Monroe Co., Ind.? Do you have an e-mail add.? Mine is donmatson@hotmail.com

    1. Martha J. PAYNE was born May 1855, Illinois.
    2. Joseph B PAYNE was born 1875, Indiana.
    3. Carrie L. PAYNE was born 1878, Indiana.
    4. Samule C. PAYNE was born 1879, Indiana.
    5. 2. Walter A. PAYNE was born 1889, Symmes County,Edgar,Illinois.

  3. 6.  Charles Edward RUKES was born Jul 1872, Nevins Township,Vigo County,Indidna (son of Zorabable RUKES and Ruth Jane MCGRANAHAN).


    !Office of Sheriff, Vigo County, Daniel Fasig, Sheriff. Terre Haute, Ind, May 15th 1903.
    the undersigned attending Physcian to Charles rukes Herey certify tht he has not been exposed to small pox or to any other contagious diseasxe to my knowledge. this the 15th day of May 1903. Signed J. U. lyuch M.D.
    Register No. 1117 Name Charles Rukes County Vigo. Admitted Oct. 17, 1911, From Central Age 40 Sex Male Color White Civil condition M. Birthplace Ind. Occupation Farmer Died March 13, 1945, Cause Carb. Hemorrihage

    Charles married Georgania CARITHERS 12 Mar 1892, Vigo county,Indian. Georgania (daughter of George CARRITHERS and Louisa CARRITHERS (MAIDEN UNKNOWN)) was born Jul 1873, Vigo County,Terre Haute,Indiana; died 8 Mar 1942, Parke Couny,Burnett,Indiana. [Group Sheet]

  4. 7.  Georgania CARITHERS was born Jul 1873, Vigo County,Terre Haute,Indiana (daughter of George CARRITHERS and Louisa CARRITHERS (MAIDEN UNKNOWN)); died 8 Mar 1942, Parke Couny,Burnett,Indiana.


    ! Mrs Georganna Hild, 68, years old, R.R. 4 Terre Haute, died at 9:40 O'clock Sunday morning at the residence. She is survived by the husband, Charles; two daughter, Mrs. Gladys Birchfield of Terre Haute, and Mrs. helen Adams of R.R. 4 Terre Haute; three sons, Henry Hild of Indianapolis, Clovis Rukes, at home and Forest Rukes of East Chicago; a brother, Earl Carrithers, of Rockville, Ind.; a sister, Miss Frances Carrithers, R.R. 4 Terre Haute, and eleven grandchildren. The body was taken to the Gillis Memory Chapel and was later returned to the residence at Burnett. Tuesday afternoon the body will be taken to the Methodist Church at Burnett, where servicews will be held at 2o'clock with interment in Burnnett cemetery.

    ! Found sone Carrither's today 26 Feb 1999. in the 1860 census film # 0803303

    ! Perrysville, Highland twnship, verilion County,
    Elenor Carithers age 58 Female born New Jersey
    Frances M. 23 male born: Indiana
    Martha J. 15 Female born: Indiana

    Henery C. Carrithers 25 male born Indiana
    Nancy A. 23 Felamle born Indiana
    David W. age 2 born: Illinois

    Jonathan Carrithers age 34 Male farmer born:Ohio
    Elizabeth 29 female born: KY
    Dinitha or Adinitha A. age 9 Female born: Indana
    William age 7 male born Indiana
    Jane age 4 female born: Indiana
    Frances age 2 female born: Indiana

    Terre Haute 1860 census

    David Carrithers age 61 male Farmer Born: Tenn
    Elizabeth G. age 49 born: Tenn.
    Sarah S. age 24 Female born Virg.

    1. 3. Ruth Jane RUKES was born 1893, Fontainet,Vigo County,Indiana; died 1921 June 7, Terre Haute,Vigo county,Indiana.
    2. Gladys Hazel RUKES was born 22 Aug 1894, Fontainet,Vigo County,Indiana; died 24 Aug 1980, Terre Haute,Vigo county,Indiana.
    3. Thalma L. RUKES was born Aug 1896, Nevins Township,Vigo County,Indidna.
    4. Freeland F. RUKES
    5. Clovis RUKES was born 1901; died 15 Aug 1970.

Generation: 4

  1. 8.  Joseph PAYNE was born 1810, North Carolina/Virginia (son of Elizabeth PAYNE (MAIDEN UNKNOWN)); died 10 Nov 1866.


    Found Joseph today in the 1850 census live in Monroe County Washington Township. Film #0442939. This seasrch is now over too. Feb 26, 1999
    0ct 04, 1999.

    I wrote to usgenweb.com for information on Joseph Payne and Martha Jane Thomas.

    She wrote back: I didn't find toom uch for you but maybe this will help Joseph and Martha Jane Thomas were marrried 8-16-1846 in Monroe County.

    1860 census Washington Township
    Joseph 49 farmer born Va
    Martha 44 born Va.
    1880 census Washington Township
    John B. Thomas 30
    Martha E. (Austin) 25
    Joseph B. 5
    Carrie L. 2
    Samuel C. 1
    Living next door
    Martha J. 63
    William T. Gibson 19 grandson
    Apparently Joseph had died but found no burials for any of them this township lies close to the Morgan county line so they might have been buried there.
    If there is anything else I can look up for you let me know. Also could you let me know where you are located? I like to keep a log of where my queries come from. Have a good week. Mary Lou.

    PROBATE RECORDS Oct 18, 1999 from the Monroe Co. His. Soc.

    Bloomington July 21st, 1861 July 21st day after date 0 promise to pay to the order of Millinno O hier Twenty none dollars and 40/100 Value Recived, without any relief whatsoever from Valuation or Appraisment Laws. Due------------ Joseph Payne X his mark MP Hearbison

    Dec 29, 1866 Treasurer's Office $11.27 Bloomington, Monroe County, Ind
    Received of Martha J. Payne administator of the Estate of Joseph Payne Eleven dollars and 27n cents, in full for Stte, County School, special school, township, Linking Fund, and road Tax, for the year 1865 on Poll and personal property and on Lands.

    Part of W1/2 of Seg and part e 1/2 of SWG Section 26 town 10 Tange 1 m acres 130 P.G.D. Milcheum Treasurer of Monroe Co.

    $4.50 rec. January 18, 1868 of Martha Jane Payne administrtor of the estate of Joseph Payne dec four dollars and fifty cents in full of my claim against the easteof said deceased L. J. Clarke

    $15.05 Resd. July 21st 1868 of Martha Jane Payne administrator of the Estate of Joseph Payne decd by the heand of Martha Jane Payne fifteen dollars and five cents in full of my claim against the Estate of said deceased Sarah A. Hacker X my mark

    $20.00 November 27, 1868
    Heretofore rec. fo Martha Jane Payne administrator of the Estate of Joseph Payne dec twenty dollar in full payment of two notes each payable to Millian C. withrow one excuted to said decedent on the 10th. day of September 1866 own due on or before the 20th of September thereafter asum of $11.00 owed the other note for $9.00 dated the 20th day of September 1866 due 12 months after date owed exceauted to said decedent who was principal owed George Payne who was the surety which notes were sworally transformed to Lewis C. Butcher who serally transferred to Lewis C. Butcher who serally transferred them to me and at the time of then payment or aforesaid I was the owner and holder thereof Haytin Robinson.

    STATE OF INDIANA Monroe County }ss.
    On this day2nd day of September A.D. 1867, before the Clerk of the common Pleas Court of Monroe County in said State, personally cam William O fee who being by me duly sworn, upon his solemn oath, says that the Note to which this is anneaed, in favor of William O Fee against the estate of Joseph Payne deceased, is correct; that no payments have been made thereon except the credits thereon give; that there are no set=offs against the same to his knowledge; that the balance shown in said Note t=wit: is now justly due and owing to William O Fee forty & 93/100 dollars, all of which he verify beieves. WOFee Subseribed and sworn to befre me on the date above written
    Robert C. Foster Clerk

    $10.00 Rec January 11, 1868 of Martha Jane Payne adminisrator of the Estate of Joseph Payne dec. by the ahnd of Thmoas A. Payne Ten dollars in full of my claim against the estate of said deceased Attest Jonathan Hinkle X my mark J.S. Smith & Hunter

    Recieved of Martha J. Payne admi

    Joseph married Martha Jane THOMAS 16 Aug 1846, Monroe County,Indiana. Martha was born 1814, Virginia. [Group Sheet]

  2. 9.  Martha Jane THOMAS was born 1814, Virginia.
    1. Sarah THOMAS PAYNE was born 1844, Indiana.
    2. George PAYNE was born 1847, Monroe County,Indiana.
    3. Payne MARTHA was born 1848, Indiana.
    4. 4. John Boon PAYNE was born Feb 1850, Indiana.

  3. 10.  Westwood A. ASTON (son of Mary ASTON (MAIDEN UNKNOWN)).

    Westwood married Nancy BRANAM 12 Dec 1850, Monroe Co.,Indiana. [Group Sheet]

  4. 11.  Nancy BRANAM
    1. 5. Martha E. ASTON was born Jun 1855, Indiana.

  5. 12.  Zorabable RUKES was born 26 Feb 1843, Nevins Township,Vigo County,Indidna (son of William Whitaker(Max) RUKES and Mary J. ADAMS); died 21 Jul 1918, Rosedale,Parke County,Indiana.


    Found in census 25 Feb 1999 in the 1860 film # 0803303

    ZORA. B. RUKES was born Parke County, Indiana. Dec 26, 1843. Zora. died July 21,1918 in Rosedale, Parke County, Indiana, at 74 years of age. Babel Rukes, 74 years old, a Civial War veteran, died Sunday at his home near Rosedale. He is survived by a widow and five children. They were all born and reared in the same neighborhood. The funeral will be held at 2o'clock Tuesday afternoon with burial in the Rukes cemetery. ( Terre Haute Tribune July 22, 19181) His death ceriticate shows cause of death as uremic posioning with contributing causes nephritis. His body was interred Rosedale, Parke County, Indiana, Rukes Cemetery.

    ! He served in the military during war time. Zora B. Rukes served as a Private in Company G of the 85th Regiment of Infantry during the Civil War. He was wonded while in the war as evidenced by the following sworn statement signed by L.D. Jackson, 1st Liut, Co.G,85 IN: "Zora. B. Rukes while in the line fo duty as such, was wonunded in the thigh with musket ball while advancing the lines in front of Kennesaw Mountain, June the 22nd, 1864. I was present with the company and saw him wounded"
    DEPOSITION A, CASE OF ZORA. B. RUKES, NO. 44,L152 07 May 1896, Nevins tsp, Vigo County, Indiana. Before me, J.D.stahl, a Speical Examiner of the Pension Office, personally appeared Zora B. Rukes, who, being by me first duly sworn to ansuer {sic} truly all interrogatories propounded to him during this Special Examination of aforsaid person claim, aeposes and says:
    I am 57 years of age, occupation farming. P.O. Rosedale Indiana. res 2 mil S. My full and correct name is Zora. B. Rukes.( to be noted here that name intially appears to have been written "ROOKS" with "Rukes" written over as correction) I write my name. I am the idetical Zora B. Rukes who served in CoG 85 Ind. Inf. I enlisted at Rosedalde Ind., on Aug 14, 1862. I was discharged at Indianapolis, Ind., Feb 20, 1865 for disability. I was a pri. I never had any other service. I am a pensioner on account of gun shot wound of left thigh. Rate $16 payable at Indianapolis agency. I am claining addtional pension on account of, reheumatism, chronic diarrhea, adn malrial posioning due to the service and line of duty. I was bron right here. This my home until enlistment. I was on a farm. My health at enlistment was good. I was entirely free from reheumatism, chronric diarrhea and malarial posioning, or amything likely to cause the same. Most of those who testified before me then. At enlistment, I was examined at Terre Haute, and My clothes were not removed. The company just stood in line. I took sick near Franklin, Tenn. in Feb 1863. I can't give the day or month. A good many was sick and I stood duty every day. That, I think, caused me to take down sick. The diarrhea came on me bad and a fever set in andI was to the hospital at Nashville, Tenn. I can't say how long I was there. A month or mor, I think. The diarriah got the some better, and the fever left me. It was typhoid fever, I was told. I cnat give any sympotms. I was out of head a good deal. I don't now that there was amy card on bed. I had not tretkemt before I wemt to th hopsital that I know of. I recollect tht Surg. Johnson sent ,e to tje hospital. I dom't know the names of amy one whot treted me in the hospital, I was sent back to Frnklin, Tenn., and only a few of our men had collected there. They had been captured. I stayed with my compnay until I was wounded June 22, 1864, not with company after that. During that time, till June 22, 1864, I had a spell of the of the chronic diarrhea whenver I had a chamge of water. The rehumatism teturned and shifted to my neck and legs. Caused panin and stiffnesss. I can's say how the malarial pisioning affected me. I though itresulted from my fever and that it hekped cause the pains wh8ich I call rheumatism. I don't know how else it affected me. I did not have an

    Zorabable married Ruth Jane MCGRANAHAN 25 Feb 1866, Vigo county,Indian. Ruth (daughter of John MCGRANAHAN and Jane MCKEE) was born 1851, Nevins Township,Vigo County,Indidna; died 5 May 1894, Nevins Township,Vigo County,Indidna. [Group Sheet]

  6. 13.  Ruth Jane MCGRANAHAN was born 1851, Nevins Township,Vigo County,Indidna (daughter of John MCGRANAHAN and Jane MCKEE); died 5 May 1894, Nevins Township,Vigo County,Indidna.


    !I got this from Nancy Houser via mail. I reicived this March 1,1999.
    Zora. B. married twice. He married Ruth Jane McGraanahan Vigo County, Indiana, Feburary 25, 1866. Ruth was the daughter of John McGranahan and Elizabeth McKee. Ruth died May 5, 1894 Vigo County Indiana. SUDDEN DEATH Wife of Z.B. Rukes, of Rosedale Neighborhood Dies Suddenly Mrs. Rukes, wife of Z.B. Rukes, who lives two miles south of Rosedale, arose at 4o'clock Saturday morning, apparently in poor health. Excepting reheumatis, she had nothing to complain of respecting her health. After she had geen at work awhile, she remarked that she believed she would lie daon again which she did. Later on her husband called to her, but she made no rsponse, he said: "are you so dead asleep that you can't hear me?" Still she paid no attention and going to her he discovered to his horror tht she was dead. He sent to town and norified Corner Mattoz, who went out Staurday afternoon to hold an inquest. Mrs. Rukes was fourt-five years of age and had grown children. ( The Terre Haute Evening Gazette Monday, May 7, 1894 p.8 Copy mcirofilm at Terre Haute Public Library)

    Ruth Jane also goes by McKee.

    ! Found in the 1860 census film # 0803303 Perryville Highland twnship Vermillion

    William A. McKee age 36 Male born: KY
    Rebecca age 34 Female born: Ohio
    John W. age 10 Male born: Illinois
    Mary Ad. age 4 Female born: Illinois
    David R. age 14 Male born: Illinois

    1. William Harvey RUKES was born 1868, Nevins Township,Vigo County,Indidna; died 16 Oct 1945, Terre Haute,Vigo county,Indiana.
    2. 6. Charles Edward RUKES was born Jul 1872, Nevins Township,Vigo County,Indidna.
    3. Nora (Dora) RUKES was born 4 Mar 1882, Nevins Township,Vigo County,Indidna; died 7 Jun 1965, Jessup,Parke County,Indiana.

  7. 14.  George CARRITHERS

    George — Louisa CARRITHERS (MAIDEN UNKNOWN). [Group Sheet]

    1. 7. Georgania CARITHERS was born Jul 1873, Vigo County,Terre Haute,Indiana; died 8 Mar 1942, Parke Couny,Burnett,Indiana.